Fragrance to Love

Fragrance aphrodisiac for inside. Sensuality and witchery based on apple amber.


“Fragrance to Love” is very subtle. The scent apple of amber is released in the piece for creating a magical and captivating ambience for excite the olfactory senses. Unconscious signals to the brain predispose to experience a sensual mood of relaxation, confidence and pleasure and therefore help promote sexual desire. "Fragrance to Love" acts on men and women as a perfect prelude to love.


From time immemorial, adventurous travelers have traded in the noblest materials and spices, especially here cloves. This spice was adorned with a thousand virtues. The apple of amber was in the Middle Ages reserved for kings and other wealthy. She was famous for healing properties and aphrodisiacs. Love potions bewitched the minds and women or men coveted, succumbed to love ! The amber apple was also used for the orgies !

Details and Guarantees


Details and guarantees


Capacity :

spray bottle 100 ml ℮ / 3.33 fl. OZ.


Directions for use :

15 to 20 minutes before the desired time, spray your interior at each corner of the rooms of your choice.


Your guarantees :

Vital Perfect is a french brand of high quality. Effectiveness and safety are at the heart of its research and manufacturing. It strives to offer all men and women the best products, at the closest of natural. To do this, Vital Perfect works with large laboratories.


"Fragrance to Love" is a French perfume of high quality interior to create an aphrodisiac atmosphere. The idea was inspired by a "nose" perfumer of Grasse, the French and world capital of perfumes. Then the perfume was manufactured, controlled and conditioned by a specialized laboratory near Nice, in full compliance with the stringent French and European standards.


Make trust at Vital Perfect is for you an absolute guarantee of traceability and safety.


Ingredients :



Recommendations :

keep out of reach of children, heat, light or humidity.

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