Who are we ?

Vital Perfect is a brand registered for the manufacture of dietary supplements and cosmetics around sexuality and seduction. Quality, efficiency and safety are the hallmarks of our research and manufacturing. We strive daily to offer to men and women the best products, the nearest of natural. To do this, Vital Perfect collaborates with large French labs.


Situation :

Geographically, Vital Perfect is located at Nice, city with microclimate recognized beneficial for the health. The city of Nice is itself located in the Alpes-maritimes, presenting one of the most various floras of France, thanks at strong sunlight and at altitudes from 0 to nearly 3000 meters : the sea, Provence and the mountain in the same department ! This privileged geographic location, with very many plants and natural scents, is already in itself an open-air laboratory ! This exceptional situation contributes to the manufacture of exceptional products.

Strategically, Vital Perfect is in close proximity to multiples production possibilities and stakeholders: the pole of Carros with pharmaceutical companies and conditioners of renowned national or international and the world capital of perfume at Grasse.


French products of high quality :

All our products are developed, manufactured, controled and conditioned in France, according to rigorous specifications, in full compliance with the French and European standards. Each product has been the subject of a regulatory filing, validated by the French administrative authorities.

Make trust at Vital Perfect is for you an absolute guarantee of traceability and safety and also, helps to maintain and develop jobs in France.