General terms of sale for professionnals

These terms and conditions are governed by French law and are accepted by the very fact of reading.

New customer:

The professional rates of Vital Perfect are reserved only for professionals. You must provide an official proof of your professional existence.

Prices and invoicing:

All prices are exclusive of taxes from Bazouges sur le Loir. A free shipping is applied from 150 € in France (excluding overseas territories) and from 350 € for the EEC countries (including Switzerland).

The minimum order is 75 € (exc. tax), however we can accept a lower order (including the unit), but against additional processing fee set at 9 € maximum (exc. tax) which will be cumulated with the fee of shipping.

Discounts are applied from a total order amount 500 € HT: 5% from 500 €, 10% from 1000 €, 15% from 2000 €, 20% from 3,000 €.

Any purchase is final from the moment the package has been shipped. In the case of prices changes, we will notify you by sending you the new prices by email, fax or mail.

The recommended resale prices should be respected for customers in France, Vital Perfect reserves the right no more to deal with a seller if it is considered a harmfulness for the image of the brand, products and trade policy. Similarly, the texts of sale must be consistent with the products and are your responsibility.


Delivery and shipping:

Delivery times are not guaranteed as they depend mainly on the post or carriers (for the delivery times observed, see the section "FAQ"). For our part, we are committed to process your order the same day or the next business day and ship it the same way. We ship worldwide, but you must make sure that our products are allowed in your country. 

Our goods travel always at the risk of the recipient. All our parcels are checked at the start and the recipient must to ensure that his arrival package is in good condition, unopened and without failure. In case of problem, it is imperative to establish, in the presence of factor or carrier which have delivered the parcel, a description of the missing or defective products (by joining if needed a copy of your invoice) and file a claim with them (also remember to keep a copy and send us a double within two business days to preserve our rights to claim if it’s necessary to solve the problem). Please, we caution that the words "subject to control" has no legal value. After the period of two working days, no claim will be considered.

Terms of Payment:

The first three orders are payable cash before shipping, by international bank transfer, international credit card, international postal order, western union or check (only issued by a French bank)Thereafter, we could accept payment to reception of invoice.

Any delay in payment or postponement of a maturity, without the prior written consent of Vital Perfect, would effectively remove the conditions of settlement previously granted. In accordance with Law No. 800 336 of 12 May 1980, Vital Perfect reserves ownership of the goods until payment of all monies due. In case of delay in payment and of reminders, expenses and interest will be added to the invoice due. Furthermore, Vital Perfect, without losing any of its rights, may require the return of goods at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

Vital Perfect society reserves the right to modify at any time without notice the terms of payment.


Return of unsold products:

Vital Perfect agrees to take back unsold products under the following conditions : they must be deducted an invoice for an amount (before cost shipping) greater and the products must be imperatively in mint condition, with unopened packages, unsoiled, and with a DLC or DLUO greater than 9 months. The sending of unsold products is the responsibility and risk of the sender : it is strongly recommended to perform a well protected sending, with a insurance to cover the value.


Disputes resolutions:

If an agreement cannot be reached within a reasonable period of time, any dispute will be referred to the competent courts at the company's registered office, in accordance with the procedural rules in force.