Your benefits and our commitments:


French products of high quality secure and the nearest of natural

Our products perfectly meet the needs and desires of consumers.

Quality, efficiency and safety are the hallmarks of our research and manufacturing. We strive daily to offer to men and women the best products, the nearest of natural.

All our products are developed, manufactured, controled and conditioned in France. They have undergone a rigorous specifications, in the total respect of French and European standards drastics. 

Make trust at Vital Perfect is for you an absolute guarantee of traceability and safety and also, helps to maintain and develop jobs in France.


A presentation and attractive packagings in 2 langages (French and English)

The boxes of our products attract and seduce, thereby they decide the consumers to buy. Moreover, they are international in French and English. So you can market our products in most countries.


Your very competitive purchase prices for offer you high profits margins

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we offer you the opportunity to achieve great profit margins. Our purchasing prices are very competitive and another advantage : the most of capacities of our products are economical. Consumers find our positive differences compared to the competition.


A purchasing flexibility and reimbursement of your unsold products

We facilitate your purchases by great flexibility. You avoid the storage costs and risk-taking.

Indeed, our minimum order is only 75 € ht with a free shipping from 150 € ht for France and 350 € ht for EEC countries (including Switzerland).

In addition, we are committed to resume your unsold according to details specified in our terms and conditions.

If you want to place large orders, discounts are applied from a 500 € order value.


The possibility to spend your orders 24/24 h

Passing your orders through our website or by e-mail, you may do so in the time of your choice 24/24. You can also choose to place your order by telephone (in french) from 9 am to 14h30 pm and 16h pm to 20h pm on Monday to Friday.


The choice of your payment method, on line secure or traditional

Security is essential on the internet. Choose your method of payment in the greater security:

by immediate payment in credit card with one of the biggest French banks. Your encrypted data are not transmitted to third parties, not even to our society.

by a sending of international bank transfer, money order, Western union or check (only issued by a French bank).


Rapid and daily deliveries worldwide under discreet neutral package

Your order is processed the same day or next working day and immediately sent. Each package is perfectly discreet, neutral and well sealed. They are systematically sent with tracking.