Attirance Pheromones

First activator and multiplier of your own pheromones. Active with proven efficacy by laboratory study.


"Attirance Pheromones" is the first perfume for men, real activator and multiplier of your own pheromones. The active contained in this olfactory composition has been studied specifically in laboratory.


With “Attirance Pheromones”, your production of androstadienone will increase for multiply your own pheromones and therefore your power of seduction. Indeed, several studies have confirmed that pheromones are biochemical messengers of desire and sexual attraction.

Details and Guarantees

Details and guarantees

Without any effort on his part, science acts favorably for the user of "Attirance Pheromones" ! His pheromones are perceived by women, quite unconsciously. It’s precisely the vomeronasal organ of the woman who receives a positive stimulus and transmits a message to the hypothalamus of the brain which is the center of emotions, especially sexual behavior.

The great interest and exclusivity of “Attirance Pheromones” : it’s a multiplier of your own pheromones, they are not synthesized pheromones. So there will be no shifting with your personality. Your power of seduction will be natural and in perfect harmony with yourself.

Capacity :

spray bottle 50 ml ℮ / 1.67 fl. OZ.

Directions for use :

vaporize on your neck, your torso and your pulse points (behind the ears and inside your wrists). The effective action lasts about half a day.


Your guarantees :

Vital Perfect is a french brand of high quality. Effectiveness and safety are at the heart of its research and manufacturing. It strives to offer all men and women the best products, at the closest of natural. To do this, Vital Perfect works with large laboratories.

"Attirance Pheromones" is a French perfume of high quality, specifically designed to attract and seduce women. The idea was inspired by a "nose" perfumer of Grasse, the French and world capital of perfumes. Then the perfume was manufactured, controlled and conditioned by a specialized laboratory near Nice, in full compliance with the stringent French and European standards.

Make trust at Vital Perfect is for you an absolute guarantee of traceability and safety.


Ingredients :


Recommendations :

keep out of reach of children, heat, light or humidity.


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